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Shantou Gulf Tunnel Project, China
Introduction: CREG 15.03m Slurry TBM Ready to Bore the 3.05km Long Su'ai Gulf Subsea Tunnel in Guangdong.

Project Facts

Product Facts

Shantou Gulf Tunnel Project is designed for the extension and upgrading of the city. It would be the most challenging subsea project of its kind in China in terms of construction. CREG provided the project with a 15.03m diameter slurry TBM which consists of integrated design of ultra-high pressure sustaining system, accessible cutterhead, telescopic swinging main drive and two-circuit air pressure control.

Machine Specification

Machine Specification

Machine length: 130m

Machine weight: 4,100 tons

Maximum thrust: 22,220 T(350bar)

Max. advance speed designed: 50mm/min

Rated torque: 45,450KN.m

Max. torque: 59,085kn.m

Rotational speed: 0-2.5rpm

Geological Features

Geological Features

Medium-coarse sand, muddy soil, mud, muddy sand mulling, and granite.