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Lanzhou Water Source Project, China
Introduction: The Lanzhou Water Source Project is to supply water to Lanzhou City from Liujiaxia Reservoir. The tunnel is approximately 24.40km with maximum overburden of 918m and high-strength rocks.

Project Facts

Product Facts

CREG supplied a double shield TBM with boring diameter of 5.48m, with efficient hard rock breaking capacity and emergency handling ability. The TBM was launched on February 4th in Gansu Province and completed tunnelling on February 2nd 2018.

Machine Specification

Machine Specification

TBM Diameter: 5,480 mm

Tunnel Type: Water Tunnel

Tunnel Length: 12,200 m

Rock Strength: Max. 175 Mpa / Ave. 60 MPa

Total Thrust: Max. 42970 kN

Maximum Torque: 5,878 kN.m (breakout torque)

Cutterhead Drive: Electric, variable speed

Cutterhead Power: 7×300=2,100 kW

Cutterhead Rotation: 0-4.97-10.3 rpm

Geological Features

Geological Features

Granite, limestone, diorite, and siltstone.