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U-shape open-type TBM
Introduction: This U-shape open-type TBM is for Haikou Utility Tunnel, Hainan, China.

Project Facts

Product Facts

Function: TBM method + open cut method for underground common utility tunnel. The TBM itself works as support after excavation. Main structure to be installed in TBM to form a mobile support.

Prefabricated Pipe Size: 8,300 × 3,100 mm

Application: Widely used in laying prefabricated pipes, underground common utilities and integrated pipelines under shadow overburden.

Machine Specification

Machine Specification
Size14,190 × 9,220 × 9,400 mm
Pipe8,500 × 4950 × 1800 mm
Qty. of Cylinders16
Max. Thrust Force1,600 t
Thrust Stroke2,150 mm

Geological Features

Geological Features

To be added.