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CREG Φ15.8m Slurry TBM Cutterhead Successfully Delivered to Launching Shaft

Date: 2019-07-23


On 18th July 2019, the Cutterhead of CREG Φ15.8m Slurry TBM was hoisted and delivered to launching shaft safely and successfully, and ready for TBM commissioning.


The cutterhead weight of this CREG 15.8m Slurry TBM is approx. 650t. When hoisting the cutterhead, it was characterized by its heavy sheer weight, large rotation range, narrow space on site and great difficulty in operation. Therefore, CREG engineer team made adequate demonstration and simulation about the jobsite to make sure the working could go smoothly. 


Lifting the cutterhead to launching shaft is crucial for wholeTBM assembly. Beginning at 17:00 p.m., the cutterhead was hoisted and turned over by a 400t crawler crane and a 650t main gantry crane together. And then it was assembled safely at the bottom of launching shaft by the main gantry crane.


After it was positioned and installed, succeeding activities, such as pipeline connection and commissioning, would be carried out. And TBM Launching Date is approaching. 


The total length of Shenzhe Chunfeng Tunnel Project  is 5078m, of which driving length is 3603m. This Project plays a significant role in Shenzheng transportation stradegy and is the throat of South Loop Expressway System in Shenzhen.