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CREG EPB TBMs Customized for High-end French Market Celebrate FAT

Date: 2019-12-10


On December 4th, 2019, the EPB TBMs for Paris Metro Line finished FAT at CREG headquarters, Zhengzhou.

2019.12.4 法国巴黎地铁16号线项目(中铁777、778号)盾构机下线_中法员工合影.jpg

Paris Metro Line, the automatic super metro network in the suburb of Paris planned by the French government, has long been known for its high standard and high-end positioning. The 9.8m-diameter TBMs from CREG will be used on Paris Metro Line 16 to drive a 11.2km tunnel with the maximum overburden of 8 to 52m and the maximum water pressure of 5bar. The tunnel features geology comprised of limestone, marl, gravel, etc. and will pass through densely populated areas, buildings and stations. Confronted with complex geological conditions and strict construction requirements, CREG elevates the stability and adaptability of the machines via meticulous design and responds our client with customized solution and superior service, becoming the first Chinese TBM supplier for Paris Metro Line.


The two TBMs gain the recognition of clients. Representatives from the project owner and client attended the FAT ceremony. Mr. Bernard Cathelain, Member of the Management Board of the project owner, SGP, said at the FAT ceremony that the cooperation between countries leads to progress and better success, and he was confident that the cooperation between Chinese, Italian and French companies will lead to a satisfactory result.

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