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CREG TBM First Breakthrough for Line 16 of Grand Paris Express Lot 2

Date: 2021-08-18


The first drive of the metro tunnel for Line 16 of Grand Paris Express Lot 2 is complete recently. The first TBM, a 9.86m diameter EPB TBM manufactured and supplied by CREG, broke through at Aulnay station on August 16, 2021.


The TBM was launched on April 7, 2021. It has travelled 502m from OA202P portal to Aulnay station. The TBM will be pushed through Aulnay station before continuing its next drive from Aulnay station to Sevran Beaudottes station.


The Grand Paris Express is part of the Grand Paris project announced in 2007 to develop Greater Paris into a sustainable metropolitan area. For Line 16 of Grand Paris Express Lot 2, the TBM bored section totaling 11.1km in length is excavated with two 9.86m diameter EPB TBMs supplied by Chinese TBM manufacturer CREG. The first TBM drives from OA202P portal and travels through Aulnay station, Sevran Beaudottes station, Sevran – Livry station; the second TBM drives from OA603P portal and travels through CLICHY- MONTFERMEIL station. Both machines will head to final breakthroughs at OA501P portal.


As the first-ever and only Chinese TBM manufacturer in French market, CREG is sparing no effort in helping ensure project progress and construction safety. Since its launch on April 7, 2021, the first TBM has successfully overcome many challenges such as umbilical launch in small space, overall relaunch, etc. despite influences of COVID-19 and safety inspections. The peak daily advance reaches 28m, and the erection time for a single ring is kept at appr. 21 minutes.




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