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Macau’s First TBM Achieved Breakthrough

Date: 2023-03-01


With the completion of the last ring of segmental lining on February 20, the first TBM in Macau successfully achieved tunnel breakthrough, marking the perfect debut of CREG in Macau, and laying a solid foundation for the full completion of the sewage project as scheduled.


The project in located in Macau Peninsula with a total length of 2560 meters. There are many construction difficulties along the 2279 meters’ bored tunnel, such as R50 sharp curve, demanding settlement requirements under the racing track, crossing multiple riprap areas and so on.


Considering these characteristics, CREG has delivered a tailor-made EPB TBM “CREC-1076” with an excavation diameter of 3.38m, total length of 186m and total weight of 400t. Application of innovative technologies such as spherical active articulation and muck pumping ensures the adaptability and reliability of the TBM. It helps improve the construction efficiency and create a clean construction environment and thus laying a solid foundation for high-quality and efficient construction of the project.


Since the TBM’s launching on March 29, 2022, CREG service team has worked closely with the client so that the TBM completed the tunnel excavation as scheduled despite the severe COVID-19 pandemic and complex construction conditions it has faced. CREG’s work has won praise and recognition from clients and has also earned valuable experience for future projects in Macau.


It is reported that completion of the project is of great significance. It strengthens the capacity of the sewage discharge system in Macau’s new port area, effectively solves sea water pollution due to sewage overflow, improve the living environment and further boost regional economic development.